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Papou's Mouse Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
With you wherever you are!

Papou's Mouse Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
With you wherever you are!

Making sure no family struggling with childhood cancer fights alone!

Ensuring no childhood cancer family fights alone!

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Papou’s Mouse, Inc. Filling a Vital Need in Nonprofit Cancer Organizations

While many cancer nonprofit organizations are united in their missions to help children with cancer through advances in medicine, treatment, and treatment protocols, Papou’s Mouse is a unique nonprofit cancer organization (501c3) whose mission is to make sure no one has to fight childhood cancer alone.

A diagnosis of childhood cancer is downright terrifying for the child and their parent(s). Nevertheless, far too many children and their parents/guardians feel isolated or adrift at the time when they most need support.

Connecting the children and parents who are fighting the fight with survivors who’ve been there themselves is transformative, powerful work. By building bridges between families in need of emotional support and survivors of childhood cancer, Papou’s Mouse can answer the call to rally together and, with love and compassion, help those who are fighting the fight.

Survivors of childhood cancer understand the unique challenges faced in the fight. They understand the need to be really heard, free from judgment, and well-intentioned advice. “Sadly, extended family and friends are oftentimes truly at a loss to show the type of support and help most needed. Survivors understand the experience and can serve the vital need with real empathy and compassion.

Learn more about how you can support our mission to make sure no one has to fight childhood cancer alone.

How to Help Children with Cancer

  • Call Papou’s Mouse! We will help you explore volunteering opportunities within our organization, ranging from outreach community programs to putting your expertise to use to help us grow. (Don’t overthink it- just give us a Call! If we are not the right fit for you, we will help you find an organization that you align with.)
  • Spread the word about the organizations you believe in. Sharing personal stories about the work cancer nonprofits do can motivate others to take action.
  • Join a nonprofit Executive Board (Papou’s Mouse is currently looking for one experienced Board Member).
  • If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with childhood cancer or is a survivor of childhood cancer- tell them about Papou’s Mouse and our mission.
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